Want to Settle The ‘Bible Version Controversy’ Once and For All?” By Jack Mcelroy

You know how people get all upset and sometimes angry when someone talks about one bible version being better than another?

It happens a lot in Bible studies because the differences in versions are painfully obvious to all.

And because of all the glaring differences and discrepancies in the different Bible versions, the Lord himself is forced to pick just one of them. Everyone’s got an opinion as to which Bible is best.

The funny thing is that hardly anyone ever considers the opinion of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Don’t you think he has a preference?

I’ve written two detailed books on the on the subject.

The first is WHICH BIBLE WOULD JESUS USE? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved. (Over 5,000 copies sold).

Convince Others That You’ve Been Right All Along About the King James Bible

BIBLE VERSION SECRETS EXPOSED is a collection of editorial memes that present convincing evidence that there are errors of fact, history, geography and, science in modern Bible versions.

They’ve been successfully used by others who have shared them on Facebook tens of thousands of times to quickly and graphically communicate their unshakable faith in the supremacy of the King James Bible. And they’ll do the same for you.

Drawn from over 30 years of research into the Bible version controversy, these cleverly designed memes with their killer headlines and well researched arguments expose the defects in modern Bible versions.

  • Some will build your faith in the KJB.
  • Others you can use to show even the most strident supporters of modern versions that their Bible versions are in error.
  • Others you can use to reach people on the fence.
  • The experts say that no doctrine of the Christian faith is affected by modern versions. Prove them wrong with these memes.

These memes solve your #1 problem... Getting people to listen to you.